Client reviews

Dima and Nastya Korol

I want to start my review with THANK YOU!!! There are so many thoughts in my head that I can't put them all together! Yuliia, thank you for the beauty that you create, thanks you for the ability to show how happy we were, that was a perfect day for our children! To say that the photos are PERFECT is to say nothing! We want to watch them again and again))) Even 2 years ago, when we started planning our wedding, we knew and really wanted you to be the photographer! The way you work and your dedication ... we could feel easy and free! Thank you)))) I will not write anything about the way we received the photos, it was a big surprise) I hope ... no, I’m sure that we will contact you more than once)

Grigoriy and Irina Tkachenko

Probably one of the most difficult points in the preparation of our wedding was to find a photographer. We wanted the photos to have vibrant photos, real and not excessively photoshoped. We did that due to Yulia!!!! She looks like a very young girl, who does really professional work. The photos are just charmful, bright, colorful and vibrant!!! As a bonus to incredibly colorful photographs, we received a pleasant and easy-going person who immediately got on the right side of us. Nowadays Yulia is our family photographer, my friends have already asked for her contacts.))) Yulia, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE WORK YOU HAVE DONE ! WE HAD AN AMAZING WEDDING THAT WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER DUE TO THE AMAZING PHOTOS OF YULIIA!!!!!

Mariia Bazilevich

When I met Yuliia, I immediately realized that this she is talanted! I've been looking through Yuliia`s photos on the website for a long time and finally decided to try! And it was not a bad decision! The girl makes you feel very easy, happy and cozy! The photos are amazing. So many emotions were captured. I'm sure that it was not our last photo session, because we will have a wedding!) You are a great smart girl and a real professional in your field!

Sasha and Liza Odinokovu

Yulechka, we want to thank you for the wonderful, sincere photos! Thank you for those moments of happiness, for the newly experienced emotions after viewing the photos, for the joy and for the memory of our day! Thank you for your smiles, emotions, positive attitude, for supporting us on this day. I would like to wish you the most interesting projects, new ideas, creative success and just all the best!!!

Богдан,Татьяна и Марковка

Random encounters, definitely not random. ️According to Yulen's first works, I realized that I want a family photo shoot with her! And I was not mistaken! When you receive almost 200 photos and they all, you understand everything .... beautiful! When you work with a person, it's like you know him for more than a day !When she finds contact with the child from the first seconds and he smiles back at her, and from this photo the most sincere and all with a smile are obtained) In an hour we shot 3 images! Yulina charges energy, and love for her work creates beauty) I I want more and more photo shoots with Julia)

Darina and Jenya

I was confident in our choice of a wedding photographer after the first meeting! Julia endeared herself not only with gorgeous photos, but also with her absolute openness!

Sasha and Mariia Voytenko

Yulechka, you are undoubtedly a professional in your field! Not the first time we are 100% satisfied with the cooperation!!! Thank you for capturing the best moments of our wedding. You are a miracle!!!!!! I advise everyone - do not even hesitate, there is no such bright, kind and cheerful photographer anymore ;)))) now you are our family favorite photographer!

Dima and Lilya Blohinu

Yulechka, thank you very much for responding to be our photographer for the Dream Wedding charity project. It was the first photo session in my life, and the impressions were very positive. You are very easy and fun to work with. And the photos themselves are amazing!
Thank you very much!

Edik, Nika and Milana

Yulechka!!! You are a talent!!! We are very glad that we were lucky enough to visit your photo session) you are amazing and very talented ❤. To pull such beautiful photos from us... you also need to be able to) some emotions, how tender and cute the photos we got) we dreamed of a pregnant photo shoot and you made our dream come true) now we are enjoying wonderful photos already three of us ❤, together with Cutie. Thank you very much!

Igor and Anna Chetvertinovskie

Thank you so much Julie for the great photos! Everything was top notch! . The photos were received in a short time)))) for which we are grateful to you !!! Now we know who to trust with our family history. You are a real professional in your field))) love you!!!!

Lena Zeleznyakova

Yulchik! I just want to say thank you so much for these amazing photos! Dear ladies, if you are still deciding - there is nothing to think about!!! The idea of a photo session was important for me and Yulechka easily carried out her plan, although I myself did not fully understand what I wanted :) Comfort, understanding, atmosphere and lightness - all this is about Yulia. So if you are still searching and reading this, you are in luck, you have found it! ❤

Sergii and Tatyana

We want to sincerely thank you for your work and efforts on such a hot day)
Thank you for enduring our whims and apologizing for offending me. On this day, everyone's nerves are not strong)
You are in your place in life, you know what you are doing, you love it and you convey it in your photos.
Thank you very much and we advise you all!

ps: we do not regret that we did not pass you at the wedding exhibition;)
good luck to you, love and fulfillment of all desires;

Vladislav and Nadezda

It is very rare to meet a person who has found his calling. But this happened to us, because we met Yulia!) She gives the impression of an unearthly and dreamy person, in fact, what a creative person should be like. She managed to stir even me at the photo shoot (I had never practiced before, the first shooting was at a wedding). As a result: the result was worth waiting for 3 months (by the way, the photos were given to us on time), the photos are beautiful, very lively and tender. And the packaging of photos and flash drives is just lovely. Thanks again Julia!

Roza and Stanislav

“Julia, you saved this day!” That's what I said when I looked at the photo. That morning, I thought that the hairstyle was not scarlet, my face was sprinkled, everyone was late, getting up early, in general the mood was still on the happiest day))) We had an insanely cool walk and it felt like I had known her for a long time , as if she were taking pictures of us not for the first time ... She exuded precisely that calmness and peace that I, a capricious bride, lacked so much. Photos are wonderful! Julia, thank you very much, thanks to YOU we have a memory forever !!!

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